About Chris Rowthorn Tours

Who we are

chris-rowthornMy name is Chris Rowthorn. I am a British/American travel writer. I have written 20 travel guidebooks for Lonely Planet Guidebooks. I’ve been based in Kyoto, Japan since 1992. I travel every year to Hong Kong and Thailand and I consider these countries to be my second and third homes.

I started Chris Rowthorn Tours for travelers who want to experience authentic Japanese, Thai and Hong Kong culture. If you wished you had a close friend – a savvy and knowledgeable local – in the cities you visit on your travels, then my tours are for you.

guide-and-guestsI work with a very small group of hand-picked guides in Tokyo, Kyoto, Bangkok and Hong Kong. Most of my guides are English-speaking locals, while a few are expatriates who have lived for years in their adopted cities and now speak the local language fluently. We work together to create walking tours and country itineraries that you simply won’t get from a large travel agency or group tour.

What we do

We offer small private walking tours of Hong Kong, Bangkok and Japan (Kyoto, Tokyo, Nara etc.) for individuals, couples, small groups and families. We also offer travel consulting about these cities and countries. We aim to give you the sort of experience you’d get from a boutique travel agency, without tying you to a group tour or a strictly fixed itinerary, and for a much lower cost. From start to finish, you will receive close personal attention from me and my business partner, Keiko Hagiwara.